The Well

A Center for Our Sacred Unity with God, Earth and One Another

 is pleased to announce


The First Annual Summer Institute


July 10-11, 2009 in LaGrange Park, Illinois


Keynote Speakers:

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                                              Margaret Swedish          Michael Morwood          Margaret Silf


Margaret Swedish   “Living Beyond the End of the World: A Spirituality of Hope.”

The end of the world as we know it is upon us. In this keynote presentation, author Margaret Swedish will suggest a spirituality, or way of life, to deal with this reality and to reinvent our presence on earth.



Michael Morwood  “ Prayer in a New Story of the Universe”

Keynote presenter Michael Morwood will examine how we pray when the focus shifts from an elsewhere listening deity to "God" as a myserious everywhere Presence. Is prayer for God's sake? What is the purpose of prayer? What are some of the implications of this shift for ritual and liturgical prayer?


                   Margaret Silf  “God’s Unfinished Story”

Author and keynote speaker Margaret Silf will reflect on the meaning of the events of 2000 years ago in the context of a universe story that is almost 15 billions year old? What is the pivotal nature of the Incarnation in our cosmic story? How did we become homo spaines, where might we be going, and how do our choices and decisions affect that unfolding story?


Break-Out Groups:


Art as a response to the message - Mary Southard, CSJ


Thomas Berry and his teachings - John Surette, SJ


Interactive discussion - Kathy Sherman, CSJ and Bridget Sperduto


Period of Reflection – chapel, labyrinth, outdoors available for prayer



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[Please note that this institute precedes the July 12 – 17 retreat with Mary Southard, CSJ “Be the Beloved You are.”  Perhaps you would like to extend your stay at The Well to include this retreat.]