A Gift of Homilies

Reflection Series from John Surette, SJ

The Well is blessed to have Fr. John Surette, SJ, Spiritearth co-founder, as a member of our Well team.


John is a wonderful homilist.  He consistently unfolds the Gospel message in light of his “green spirituality,” anchoring his insights in his deep appreciation of our Creator God, and the beauty and significance of all of

creation. John continually seeks to come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be human in

relationship to the Sacred Universe.  


In response to popular demand, we have decided to share John’s homilies with you on the web-site and

through emails.  

Click on the DATE below to open John's homily for that week.  We will post as many as we are able, approximately three per month.  If you have not received these homilies by e-mail and wish to do so, please contact us at thewell@csjoseph.org.

The Divine Dynamic by John Surette, SJ


TheDivine Dynamic, John's book published September 2010,

can be purchased through Ministry of the Arts  www.ministryofthearts.org